Plain Bearings

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 This lightweight, compact, and
inexpensive bearing is widely used in many types of equipment and is sometimes referred to as a Babbitt,
bushing, or journal bearing.

Plain bearings are?mechanical components charged with bearing a load and allowing a
sliding or rotational motion between two parts of a machine. Their main purpose is preventing wear of the
points of support of the machine, which would take place if the shafts were to roll directly on the structure.

INA EGW38-E50 plain bearings

33 Nm F217-
53.2 mm 85.8 mm

20 mm x 42 mm x 25 mm INA GE 20 FO-2RS plain bearings

31.75(1 1/4) 38.100(1 1/2)
Grade 0 Steel

AST AST50 025IB04 plain bearings

No Cover Medium Load
No 6

22 mm x 42 mm x 28 mm ISB TSF 22 C plain bearings

43400 No
Cast Iron J7

AST ASTT90 26090 plain bearings

56 Double
8 Days Black Oxide Coating

AST AST090 10590 plain bearings

Steel Double Row
Tapered Roller Standard

AST AST650 354520 plain bearings

24.6 in LSE1200BX
5.2 in LSE1200BXHKPS

LS SQZL8-RS plain bearings

187 mm 22 Nm
68.2 mm 34.1 mm

16 mm x 38 mm x 16 mm NMB RBM16 plain bearings

135 Bearing Steel
15400 No

110 mm x 160 mm x 110 mm ISB TAPR 696 CE plain bearings

143 mm 9700
KM6 15 mm

ISB TSM.R 5 plain bearings

5.5 Nm 19mm
32 mm SCO205-25